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More About Wrisky Ranch

Where Horses Come First

At the heart of everything that we do is our passion for education and our commitment to our students. Thanks to our varied course selection and unique teaching techniques, our school has been successful in enhancing our students  partnership with their horses. Wrisky Ranch is located in the beautiful country side of Prescott, Wi. Our stall doors opened in 2009 and have since been cultivating the love of horses for many. Whether you are looking to learn more about horses, how to achieve a willing partnership with your horse, or have goals of competing Wrisky ranch offers a supportive and knowledgeable environment. 
About Rochelle Wrisky 
Rochelle started out as the typical non horse owning horse crazed teen. With the support of her Dad and Sister she earned enough money to purchase her first horse (and a pony side kick) Miss Dolly (and Tony the Pony). With no lessons and only a few guided trails under her belt she purchased her $800 horse and learned through the school of hard knocks for a couple years. She then decided to start taking lessons at a local hunter jumper barn. A career in horses was soon decided and did her undergrad at University of Wisconsin River Falls. During school she started to build Wrisky Ranch from the ground up starting with 20 acres of undeveloped land.  Right after graduating she built her stall barn and the journey began. Today Rochelle competes with her gelding, Sir Newton, and working on bringing him up through the levels of dressage and low level eventing. Her greatest focus for herself and her students is to develop a lasting partnership with their horse. A unique bond that comes with patience, compassion, and dedication. For the student we work on proper biomechanics and developing feel. For the horse we strive for relaxation and properly building them up to perform at whatever task we ask of them. 

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