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Rochelle Wrisky

Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner Course Instructor

Wild Horses in Black & White

Wyatt Wrisky

Groom and Tiny Horse Trainer

Maddy Chandler- Beginner Lesson Instructor


Lily May Wrisky (May 2007-July 2023)

Grounds Crew

Private lessons

One of our most Popular offerings . Wrisky Ranch has a ground up approach to lessons. We want to teach each student to become not only great riders but great horsemen. For beginners We start the first lessons with teaching how to properly lead, groom and tack up before getting on the horses back. For those familiar with basics or for those working with their own horses we can help work through any trouble areas or holes in ground work. Our approach to riding is based on proper rider biomechanics. Teaching the rider how to use their body effectively for horse and rider team to perform at their best. Our approach to horse training will vary per horse and what works best for them. We strive for a common goal of a willing and confident equine partnership. 
We offer lessons on our horses or yours. We have horses for all stages of learning from beginner to advanced. 
We have multiple instructors to accommodate different learning styles.
We offer lessons starting at age 4 with half hour lessons. 



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