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Wrisky Ranch is lucky to have great staff of instructors. Both Rochelle Wrisky and Kelcey Hanson bring fresh ideas and fun to our beginner lesson program. Both have brought up their green horses. Contact to schedule appointment 


Welcome to a life long addiction!!! 
Some ways to ease the transition of beginning riding 
1. Come in with an open mind and no expectation. A great attitude and a sense of humor will take you far in riding 
2. Wear comfortable clothing. You are coming to do athletic things so make sure your clothes are not too restricting. That said for safety reasons too baggy of clothes can get caught or interfere with movement. Slightly more form fitting clothing also assists your instructor to see your form and posture. 3. Helmets: At Wrisky we offer helmets to use for lessons. That said a personal helmet should be one of your first investments when starting riding. A proper fitting helmet that is approved for horse riding is important. 
4. Wear close toed shoes with a heel. Try not to wear too big of boots such as work boots. 🥾 
5. Dress weather appropriate. Nothing distracts more than being too hot or too cold. Mittens and ear covers are always great for the cold. Hand warmers come in handy too! 
6. Keep a journal. Writing down what you worked on in a lesson is extremely helpful especially when working on new concepts. It can also help you think through your lesson and the mechanics of it without the influence of the horse. 
7. Practice, practice, practice!!!!  Coming into a lesson having practiced the previous one can help set the stage for what to work on or address questions or issues that came up. It also helps you work on not only fitness but muscle memory.  Wrisky Ranch offers horse leases and rent a rides for approved students to practice on outside of Lessons. 
8. Relax 😴 Before you start your lesson take a moment to meditate and stretch. Wash away the stress load of the day, previous rides, or the ongoing to-do list in your head. You are riding because it brings you joy. Sometimes there will be great revelations in your Riding other times you may come away frustrated but know no time spent in the saddle is wasted. 
9. We have all been there. I could write a book of the embarrassing things that have happened while riding. Usually in lessons or competing. You will fall off at some point. You will make mistakes. Just know you are not alone and it’s a right of passage. Kind of like the awkward makeup phase. 

10. Have a voice No question is stupid and having a voice helps your instructor know what you are thinking, what problems you are having, and if you are understanding the concept being taught. Head nodding is helpful but communicating will advance your Riding more quickly. Body awareness is key in riding and feeling any limitations, imbalances or weakness and communicating  them to your instructor will assist them in coaching you. 
Happy Riding!!! 

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