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A year of trails vs trials

Ugh. Not the most appropriate way to start a post but so accurate for 2020 thus far. As the entire world battles a pandemic many of us eventers are sitting in our corners wondering what the year will bring. In the Midwest we are know for having our entire year planned shortly after the first of the year. Going on various sites, checking our omnibuses, renewing our memberships and glaring at our white breeches in preparation for competition season. We battle the cold months to stay ahead and to continue our progress and 2020 has graciously sucker punched us in the face. If you are like me there are mixed emotions.

Depressed/ frustrated/ angry/ edgy; in the Midwest cabin fever is a real thing and as the days start to get longer there is a release of tension and a budding of optimism in our demeanor. With Covid and the stay at home orders many of us are feeling like toddlers that got their favorite toy taken away. Some are able to keep progressing while others are not even able to see their horse at this time. On the flip side I‘m feeling relaxation/ less tension/ more time; with no shows/ clinics taking place there is a ease to our barn time now. Instead of the pressure of preparing for the show ring we can fill in some holes, take a day off to hand graze, and the one saving grace right now to get off property is trail riding!! Although we try to incorporate off farm trail riding into our training program there are only so many hours in a day and trail riding usually gets the back burner. In our corner of the world here in western Wisconsin we have so many beautiful parks near by and it is such an amazing therapy to utilize.

So instead of the trials we have had thrown at us this year so far let us make it a year of TRAILS instead of TRIALS. (See what I did there 🤓)

Note: Perspective is a word that is swimming in my brain a lot lately. As I write this post I do realize there are WAY greater concerns in our world right now and all that is being done is for the safety of everyone. That said it is ok to be disheartened by our disruption of normal. Together we will all get through this!! 🌎 ✌️

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