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Glitter in the Air

The story starts with a post on Facebook. A horse acquaintance was bravely moving her whole operation from Wisconsin to Florida. Having made a few trips already she was seeking a four horse trailer to ease the last couple moves and haul remaining horses (4) in one trip instead of two as her trailer only accommodated three. I have a four horse trailer and hemmed and hawed over if I should reach out to her and let her borrow mine. As a child we are taught to share, now as an adult there are all of these parameters. What if she gets in an accident? What about insurance? Wear and tear on the rig? What do I charge? What if the trailer fails am I liable? Etc. I put myself in her shoes and know I would be very grateful and have some stress taken off if someone did the same for me so I reached out. We arranged dates and pickup, I know we talked about use and my mumbling something about figuring out price later. I was nervous but glad I was helping out.

Everything went smoothly and she was so appreciative of me letting her borrow it and returned it cleaner than it was when she picked it up. I decided no charge.

She is someone who has a passion for knowledge in all things horses and I love following her on social. This summer she was back in Wisconsin and posted on her social that she had a ticket to P!NK she was looking to sell. A mutual friend, and a great friend of mine saw it and tagged me in the post, knowing it is a life dream to see P!NK in concert. It had been a long hard winter into a hot busy summer and I was feeling some strain and stress. I happened to have this night off and even had chore coverage for the next morning. I reached out to inquire about the tickets. My sister and I had been looking at her concerts and by the time we looked all seats were quit expensive. I was worried I wouldn't have the budget (insert show season fees)  to afford it.


Insert hysteria from me. The concert was amazing!!! Pat Bennatar opened (can’t even with her amazing vocals and range) and then P!NK came on. I used to make fun of the fainting Beatles fans (sorry) I was like “they are just people”. I was emotional just knowing P!NK was somewhere in the stadium before she even came on. There was ugly crying and lots of emotions. I publicly apologize for my horrible off key singing (there are many videos I chose not to post to save those on my social, it is HILARIOUS though and I have watched/listened to them for a good laugh). P!NK is just out of this world with her talent. Her vocals alone are amazing  but her onstage banter that makes everyone feel like a part of the group, her ridiculously awesome choreography and her acrobatic skills! Come on just what an amazing person. What I love most though is even her party songs have a stinging resonance of relate nability to them. One of her first that hit close to home when I was in high school was “Family Portrait” and now her song to her dad “When I Get There” had me bawling.

At the end of the day I was elated. Not only to have seen my idol in concert but to know that there really is so much kindness and paying forward in this world. I got to spend an incredible evening with another equine professional enjoying other talents outside horses.  There are so many good people and acts of kindness even in the darkness. I have so many AMAZING people in my life. So if you get a chance borrow your trailer (or other possessions) you never know what may come of it.

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10. Okt. 2023

Awesome testimony to the power of generosity.

Gefällt mir
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